Stakeholders Relationship Committee

The Company has constituted Stakeholders Relationship Committee to specifically look into the redressal of Stakeholders and Investors complaints.

The role of Stakeholders Relationship Committee is as follows:-

The Committee supervises the mechanism for redressal of investors’ grievance and ensures cordial investors relations. The Committee performs the following functions:

  • Transfer/transmission of shares.
  • Split-up/sub-division and consolidation of shares.
  • Issue of new and duplicate share certificates.
  • Registration of Power of Attorneys, Probates, Letter of transmission or other documents.
  • To open /close Bank Account(s) of the Company for remittance of dividend and issue instructions to bank from time to time in this regard.
  • To look into the redressal of shareholders’ complaints and enquiries.
  • Any allied matter out of and incidental to these functions.


The Committee comprised three Directors, Mr. Vivek Kumar, Non Executive Independent Director and Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Ramesh Kumar Dua, Managing Director and Mr. Mukand Lal Dua, Whole Time Director.