We at Relaxo endeavor to give you the best online experience of shopping with us. You have the authority to cancel all the items and products before they get shipped from the warehouses. This also includes all the items that are bought on sale. The amount of refund shall be credited into your Relaxo account as Relaxo Credit. You can avail of all these privileges only if the items have NOT been shipped from the warehouses:

  • We permit total order cancellation within 16 hours of the order confirmation.
  • If the item(s) was not purchased under any promotional offer, we allow for the cancellation of the item(s) from the order you placed.
  • If the item was part of a promotional offer that applied only to that item, you would be allowed to cancel it.
  • If there are multiple items in an order, and ALL are bought as part of ONE promotion, you can cancel your whole order before they are shipped from the warehouse.
  • A successful cancellation will lead to a refund amount that is credited back into your Relaxo account as Relaxo Credit.

You may have a doubt or a question that is already answered below. Do read the following FAQ’s

1. Can an order be cancelled after it’s been placed?

After the payment’s done, the customer cannot cancel an order on his own. However, you can talk to OUR customer care by providing your order number. Do this quickly before your order is processed, so that we are able to cancel it, as well as refund the amount to you.

2. Is it possible to modify the order after I’ve placed it?

We understand your need to alter the size or the color of an item in the order that you placed. You could even want to update the shipping address. These changes can be made until we begin processing the order. For requests of this kind, do talk immediately to customer care.

3. When shall I receive the refund for my cancelled order?

We’ll process the refund immediately after your order’s cancelled. Your refund will be in form of Relaxo Credit. But, if you want your amount to be refunded to your account, do contact Relaxo’s customer care at (1800-108-6001). This option is available only for those customers who made the payment through the credit or debit card.

4. Why was the order cancelled? And why wasn’t I sent any intimation?

This is possible because of the product being unavailable or it could have been rejected due to poor quality. We always send an email in case of cancellation of an order; however it is just possible that the e-mail send by us might have gone into the spam folder of your email account.

5. Can I alter the product once the order has been placed?

No, it’s not possible. Either you cancel the entire order (that too within 16 hours of its placement) or you may return it to place a new order.