Help and Privacy


It’s extremely important for us to protect your privacy. So, we developed the following Privacy Policy in order to safeguard your private information and to retain its confidentiality. We do all that could be reasonably done to protect the rights of your privacy on the website and the systems that we control, but we cannot be held liable for unlawful or unauthorized information-disclosures by any third party which is not under our control, like advertisers and other websites having links to our site. Do remember that the privacy and information practices of Relaxo’s sponsors, advertisers, business partners or the other websites to which only hyperlinks are given by us could vary from ours. Our company’s privacy policy could change any time without notice, so keep reviewing the policy regularly.

Your information collectively called ‘Personal Information’ is categorized as follows:

  • Profiling Information: Information that you provide while registering for any Service, which could include all or some of these: Your personal identity like- gender, age, preferences, marital status, likes, dislikes etc.; - Financial information like banking details or/and any information about your lifestyle levels and income; and - Contact details like physical and postal addresses, fax and telephone numbers, etc.; - In case of social networking sites like Facebook and other aligned services that you may have opted, information that is publicly available like that of friends, likes, dislikes, etc.
  • Payment, Account Information: All billing information, payment history, related communications, etc. - all this account information (without limitation) is maintained on a secure server in an encrypted form.
  • Service Usage: Your navigation information while you use our Services, like- the website URLs, the ones you visit including the ones in which you request for downloads.
  • Log information: Your IP address, web request, browser language, browser type, time and date of request.
  • Transactional Information: History of transaction (besides banking details) regarding your e-commerce actions.
  • Correspondence Information: Information and Content concerning your correspondents, and the origin/destination of communications that is between you or another person who has used our Services, including email communications, chat room, blog, communications through discussion boards, instant messages, experts forum, fax, mail, etc. and mailing lists membership etc.
  • User IDs: Your passwords, email addresses, usernames, other information that is security-related and is employed by you pertaining to our company’s Services.
  • Stored Information: Any data that you or any third party created, which you want our servers to store like documents, image files, etc.

We only gather Personal Information about you to carry out our business, as well as to improve and deliver our Services. We never, under any circumstances, sell Personal Information about you to a third party or trade on it.

Disclosure of Personal Information, for any reason, would only be done after obtaining a written consent prior to usage. If you fail to submit to us your personal information, then we won’t be in the position to offer you any Services. Any information you provide, while using certain Services, that is not confidential to a public and open forum/environment that included (without limitation) any discussion/community board, blog, etc, will not comprise Personal Information. Also, it isn’t subject to the protection that comes with the Privacy Policy. Third parties can easily access such public information and could collect, collate as well as use this information for vested interests. Accordingly, you should be careful while sharing Personal Information about you in any public environment. If information is publicly displayed, it is shared with the company’s affiliates, service providers belonging to a third party, competition sponsors etc. unless it is stated otherwise. We cannot be held liable for any damage that this public disclosure of personal information does on you or any other third party and risk of such disclosure would be your own.


By accepting all the Terms, you agree to us collecting and storing Personal Information about you until you use the Services we provide, but it is subjected to limitations that are defined in the Privacy Policy.

2.1 We collect Account and Profiling Information about you for these reasons: (a) We require your identity and contact details, account history and banking information to provide you services, recommend you products found on our site, and maintain the relationship that we have with you. We shall disclose all this information in the following situations- (b) We use your information in aggregated form in order to compile demographical and statistical profiles intended for our marketing activities and business. We could disclose such personal information, given that the information cannot be interpreted or used in a way that aids in your identification and also that it exists in aggregated form.

2.2 We collect as well as store your Transactional Information and Service Usage to: (a) verify and determine Service Charges to be paid by you and also to manage the relationship we have with you. (b) Comply with all/any regulatory or statutory requirements. (c) Compile your demographical and statistical profiles for our marketing and business activities, to customize the company’s Services provided to you. Though we can use your information for business purposes and that too, without limitation, we shall only disclose this in the aggregated form that is incapable of being interpreted or utilized in a way that could identify you; (d) monitor your usage of the company’s Services to ensure that you comply with our Terms.

2.3 We collect as well as store your Personal Identifiers and Correspondence Information to: (a) comply with legal obligations (b) monitor your usage of the Services to ensure that you comply with our Terms. The Personal Information that we collect and may use in aggregated format, also ensuring that you’re not identified, constitutes our property. We could use it, with discretion and without compensating you, to cater to any legitimate reason, that includes (without limitation) commercial sale concerning any third parties. Sometimes, we even use "cookies" to provide you more customized information on our website. "Cookies" help to store the user’s preferences and also to track his trends; this enhances your interactive experience with the site and improves our Services. Your browser can be set in a way that it notifies you when we send you a "cookie", leaving you to decide whether to accept it or not. By accepting a "cookie", you comply with our usage of your Personal Information that we collected through that Cookie. You can update Profiling Information on the site about yourself any time. You agree and acknowledge that we can use your Personal Info for the improvement of personalization and efficiency of Service. We could share these personal details with the affiliates of the company under secure and controlled circumstances. Affiliates include our subsidiary, holding company or its subsidiary, entity that controls, is controlled by us and the one which is commonly controlled by us.


If we are required to intercept, disclose, monitor and/or store your Personal Information: (a) by law; (b) to carry out our business; (c) for securing our systems; or (d) for the enforcement of our rights, we shall do so legally. Such monitoring, interception, disclosure, and storage could occur without your awareness. We won’t be liable to any third party or you for any damage that might arise out of such interception, monitoring, disclosure and storage. We need to ensure that all the users agree to and comply with the Terms, your Personal details could be monitored to determine instances when you did not comply and also to review the instances when you complied. Monitoring also ensures the integrity and security of all the services are protected. This monitoring could comprise (with no limitation) of outgoing and incoming electronic messages so as to identify and limit and/or inhibit spam transmission, viruses or/and obscene, undesirable, unlawful or defamatory content. Under specific circumstances, we could obtain an element of these Services from some other service provider. When it is necessary, or we wish to provide you with these services; you agree for disclosure of your personal details to this third party which could be a vital step for getting the said services.